It’s that time of year again.  That end of summer ritual of getting your kids ready for back to school.  Part of that ritual is the dreaded school  and sports physicals.  Does my child really need to do this??  How much of my beautiful summer day will be spent waiting to be seen?  What is this going to cost me? 

Unfortunately, the answer is to the first question is yes, they do need to get their physicals.  But in response to the last two questions the answer is you’ll spend very little of your precious time and money if you bring your kids to AFC Braintree.  We are a walk in medical center so you can come in anytime it suits you, (8-8 weekdays, 8-5 weekends) and be seen by a board certified doctor and on your way in minutes.  The other great news is that we offer the lowest priced sports physicals on the south shore. 

We can’t help you with the back to school clothes shopping.  But, while you’re at the South Shore Plaza shopping for those “must have” shoes for the kids, you can go right across the street to 485 Granite street in Braintree and get your whole crew ready for school in no time.