There has been a significant amount of snowfall and storms this winter in Massachusetts. AFC would like to offer some helpful tips to avoid injury when shoveling or driving in the snow.

When shoveling make sure to:

  • Use the shovel properly and as it was intended.
  • Do not try to over exert yourself. Try not to lift too much snow and do not do more than you are capable of doing.
  • Do not twist your body. Lift with your legs and try to switch sides often.
  • Dress warm and in layers. Always make sure to be wearing dry clothes.
  • Warm up your muscles as you would if you were to exercise. “Cold” muscles can be injury prone

Avoid driving in the snow if possible, but if you must drive for some reason, follow these precautions:

  • Clear all ice or snow from your car.This is the law in Massachusetts and you can be pulled over if you don’t. Avoid traveling behind vehicles with snow piled on their roofs.
  • Follow speed limits. Often during storms, the state lowers the speed limit so make sure to not drive faster than you need.
  • Watch out for black ice. Bridges freeze first so use caution.
  • Braking is inhibited by snow and icy conditions. It takes much more room to brake in these conditions than dry ones so allow plenty of room between you and the cars in front of you, more than you would normally.
  • If you should break down, move to the side of the road with hazard lights on.

If you happen to injure yourself during these snow storms, visit AFC Urgent Care in Braintree MA. We are a walk in center which can treat your non-life threatening injuries. All patients will be seen by a board-certified physician with little to no wait time. We have x-ray and lab equipment on site to help help with same day care. Visit us at 485 Granite St in Braintree MA or call 781-848-2273